Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sick day gone good

As the day starts out, in every Moms world, we attempt to wake up before our kids in hopes to grab that fresh steaming cup of Java and perhaps read the paper, watch the news, read a book etc etc. As for me, I am usually woken by either 1) some little munchkin sneaking into my bed 2) a horrific smell coming out of my two year old's room, or 3) a screaming hungry baby who wants his milk just as much as Mama wants her coffee. In my case, it is usually not an a, b or c but a 1, 2, and a 3 in different orders on different days.

I have come to the conclusion that this Mama must begin her day before 1,2, and 3 occur. That being said, 4:30am to 5:00am my day must begin. With 3 kids and a husband that has been gone, which seems like 50 percent of the time, I am quite the busy homemaker/mom of three. I hit the floor no later that 7am on a good day and am cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, picking up toys, breaking up fights, running errands, paying bills, giving baths and then finally trying to play catch up on the house which never seems to be completely in order.

Today was a sick day for my four year old Mikey. He was the first to come in my room with a body that felt like the Alabama heat in mid July. I immediately checked his temperature, got him some ice water, a cold rag, and some Tylenol to begin the pampering process that I learned so well from my wonderful parents. Of course, while I am taking care of one, my other begins to cry Mama and of course wakes my other who then screams from the top of his lungs as loud as he possibly can. I hit the floor running to tag team the other two kids who are perfectly healthy and are having what I call a normal day.

I somehow find time to whip up some waffles and bacon, feed the four healthy ones breakfast and pop in the first movie of the day for Mr. Sickypants. Since Mikey had already had plans to go duck hunting and I had plans to meet up with some friends later as my first getaway, we stuck with our plans despite out poor sick puppy being ill. There were five, now there are four. Mikey is gone duck hunting, best of luck to him, while I am watching Duck Dynasty, nursing Myles and hanging out with my Mason. Mikey is on movie number 2 now and just getting rest up stairs. The day is going much better than expected.

The kids all go down for a nap at 1pm and I take that time to spend with Little Mikey. His request to help his sickness was "Mama, let's make cookies." So we did. we made the biggest best chocolate chip cookies. Right on schedule, Mikey comes home, gets washed up and relieves me for my Mamas hour out with her friends. I throw on some clothes, makeup and shoes and try to leave Mama at the house and bring Holly out. I arrive at the restaurant and feel relaxed and excited and anxious to see and chat with my friends. The restaurant offers me a cheap boxed glass of Malbec and a fresh relaxed atmosphere without poopy diapers and screaming kids. I am content and feel relieved to have drifted such a short distance from home and to be with such wonderful company. Although it was a short outing, once I arrived back at the house, the sound of Mama and little foot steps coming down the stairs brought the biggest smile to my face and happiness fulfilled me. I piggybacked Mikey and Mason around the house and laughed and played with them before bedtime came.

It is funny how you long to get away and just have a break sometimes. But when you do, and you come back to reality, you feel like the happiest Mom all over again. I guess breaks are good sometimes and are much needed after working 24/7.

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