Monday, October 31, 2011


What a day, what a day. Note to self.....if you tell your 3 year old something the night before, he will remember first thing the next morning and remind you all day long. It is a nightly ritual that I tell Mikey a secret before he goes to bed. The secret was, the next day he was going to wake up, dress up in his costume, and make our way to the playground to hit a bat pinata. He was so excited and panted like a puppy. His amazing memory then recalls our trip to Alabama when his Uncle Clint and Liz took him to a birthday party that had a dinasaur pinata. Red to be specific. How he remembers these things from 3 months ago, I will never know. Well, the bat pinata didn't make it, but the candy did. We then walked the streets of Cordova in search for as much candy as we can grab a hold of. He was dressed as Mator and his friend Haakin aka Punkin was dressed as Lightning Mcqueen. The two of them were so cute walking around side by side saying Trick or Treat as they made the moms hold on to the candy bags. We then went to the fire station where they were giving families short rides around the block in the fire truck. Mikey of course thought this was the coolest thing ever. i had Mason in my backpack carrier the entire time and he had fun people watching while sucking his left thumb. After the firetruck ride, we made our way to the Moose Lodge for fun games and lots more energy candy. The night was perfect, minus the pouring rain. Overall, the kids had fun and I loved watching them have fun.

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