Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lil Mikey is Here

At 11:51am on October 17th Lil Mikey was brought into this world. I never knew how much joy 9lbs 7.3 ounces and 21 inches long could bring.

Our family came down from Alabama to be there with us on this special day. As they prepped me for my c-section, our family came to take some last minute pictures of my huge baby belly. After lots of pictures and X's and O's, The family left the prep room to then go into the waiting area. While I was wheeled to the operating room, Mikey was taken to his prep room where he put on his Doctor Mikey gear. As I walked into the operating room, Bob Marley and Lauren Hill were blarring in the background. I was stunned by how relaxing and fun the operation room actually was. The nurses were joking around, the doctors came in and joined in on the joke telling and cutting up. I wasn't sure if I should be scared and join in too.

Mikey cutting the cord My first time holding him in recovery

Dr. Carlos Raos and Dr. McNeil Lil Mikey

9 lbs 7.3 ounces

After the shot in the spine, I was told to quickly lie down before my lower half goes completly numb. And sure enough, within 15 seconds, It was like I had no lower half. The nurses picked my legs up and moved them around. It looked like they were taking them away. With the drugs kicking in, I was about to tell them to leave those with me, I need em. Instead, I lay back feeling numb and helpless. All I knew was that in less than 30 minutes I would be holding my baby boy. Once I was fully prepared, they brought Mikey in. He immediatly sat next to me holding my hand as we both looked at each other for the last time as just a married couple. The doc ask if we are ready to become parents and then tells Mikey to stand up to see his baby boy. It was priceless to see the expression on his face as he stood up to look over the blue shield seperating me from my lower half. The next thing I knew was tears were streaming down both of our faces and I heard crying in the background. Mikey's face was filled with joy and reality of being a father. After taking a few pictures and Mikey cutting the cord, they brought him over to me. 9 lbs and 7 ounces. I was speechless but happy. Within seconds they took him away and I was left alone. After being in the recovery room for more than an hour, they finally brought lil Mikey in followed by his daddy. This was the day that Michael Jonathan Meier was born.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Took A Lizard For a Boat Ride

The Lizard held on for dear life as we fished for four hours in the Bama Breeze! Mikey set him free once we hit land again. Needless to say, the lizard took a run for it in his familar territory.

Got Fish?

2 Days before the BIG DAY for little Mikey's birth, Mikey and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and last days of ALONE time and take good ole Bama Breeze for a cruise around Riveria Bay in search for Snook. After catching our live bait in some grassy shallow areas we made our way to catch the big boys. We tested out a new spot close of Tampa Bay. We casted out using a cork and our freshly caught live bait. Nothing! The live bait bobbing up and down was the only action we got for the first 15 minutes. Then, all of a sudden Mikey sees some boiling going on behind the boat. After his extensive research in Florida Sportsman and the Fishing Forums he has been on, he felt as though redfish were on the move. We immediatly switched gears and began bottom fishing with sliced bait that we had previously caught. Not even two minutes into the cast, the fishing pole bends completely over and being 39 weeks pregnant I could not jump up fast enought to grab the pole and reel this monster in. While I am yelling....."you get it Mikey" he is yelling "No!!! It is all you...get it" forgetting for the moment that I can not bolt out of my seat, run over and grab the pole. By the time I did, it was too late. The monster fish has taken the bait and gotten loose. No problem. Try Try Again as they say. So, we slice up some more bait and cast out. This time my hand stayed on the pole with a tight grip. Again, with a blink of an eye, my pole had bent over. This time I was prepared and ready. I reeled and reeled tiring the fish out. Mikey brought him aboard and we pulled the catch and release method.