Monday, December 22, 2008

The Family Photo Shoot on the Beach

Mikey and Sydney's Beach Photo Shoot

Me, My mom and Ashley went to the St. Pete beach to take pictures of her 7 month old Sydney and 2 month old Mikey. Needless to say, it was hot and the kids were ready to GO HOME! What was suppose to be a nice quiet day at the beach ended up being a 10-15 minute photo shoot. Got them dresses, snapped some fash shots, took off the hot santa suits and drove home. Bot kids passed out by the time we got home. they looked so cute.

Pictures with Santa

Mikey and I took Lil Mikey to go see Santa at the mall one day. We put a simple but cute outfit on him and sat him on Santa's lap. He was so good. The people taking the photos were shocked when we told them he was not even two months old yet. They said he looked 4 months old. They ended up giving us some extra pictures to take home with us just because Lil Mikey was so darn cute!

Mikey's 1st Holiday-Happy Hollyween

Mikey had to work Halloween, but I dressed Lil Mikey in his "My 1st Halloween" outfit that his Grandmamma D gave to him. He was my lil pumpkin! We went over to our neighbors Christine and Dave, and hung out over there while Dave carved a few pumpkins.